Wrensilva Teams Up With Beatles Album Cover Artist to Create Limited Edition Poster

The Hi-Fi record player purveyor commissioned the legendary John Van Hamersveld whose artwork embodies the analog-digital interplay of the record console brand’s consoles.

Photo by Joanna Miriam. Art Direction by Charles Adler.

“I’ve been at the intersection of art and music for a long time and what I’ve found is that when two inspiring art forms intersect, it gives you a remarkable feeling,” says John Van Hamersveld, reflecting on his prolific album cover oeuvre. For the past five decades and counting, Van Hamersveld has immersed himself in the music world, specifically the rock’n’roll scene, designing record jackets for iconic albums such as The Beatles’s Magical Mystery Tour, The Rolling Stones’s Exile on Main Street, and the surf documentary film, The Endless Summer. His drawings stand alone as masterpieces in their own right, rekindling memories and igniting new emotions with their vibrant hues, psychedelic undertones, and stylistic typography. “These iconic images have a tremendous ability to influence someone’s experience, oftentimes it becomes permanently embedded in our collective consciousness.” 

Wrensilva has deep roots in craftsmanship and design, hand-making consoles from American hardwood in California and embracing both analog and digital technologies. It’s co-founder and CEO, Greg Perlot, called on Van Hamersveld to capture the brand’s ethos. Known for his integration of drawings by hand with digital editing and production methods, and, namely, his deep appreciation of music, Van Hamersveld channelled his storied learnings into the California-based record console brand’s limited-edition poster. Featuring a Wrensilva console with music spiraling into a swirl of sound, it exudes the experience of playing “your favorite vinyl.” Contrasting colors, red and blue, play off each other in the backdrop while a yellow foreground seemingly jumps off of the page in the same way music flows from a record player. “By reducing the image and superimposing it into its primary element [the Wrensilva console],” says Van Hamersveld, “you get this depth that is like sound itself.”

Wrensilva thoughtfully merges the old and new with both analog and digital listening experiences—what today is called multiformby integrating Sonos streaming technology and Pro-ject turntables. Van Hamersveld’s poster is an analogy for the digital-analog console.“ The music isn’t actually there, it’s just an artwork in reference to sounds experienced with a Wrensilva console,” he says. “I portray a real experience with a visual that is analog, but produced in a digital medium.”

For Perlot, the poster is a beautiful tribute to the spirit of vinyl culture, which is rooted in a richer listening experience . “It’s cliché to say, but it’s true that as life speeds up, we want invitations to slow down and be present and be involved—that’s what finding and playing a record is,” says Perlot.  

“Streaming, wireless, multi-room, voice control, all-access subscriptions–these are real advances no doubt,” he continues. “What we’ve added to that progress is a view that analog music sources, like vinyl, are equally valid, and that it’s time to focus back on the elegance and texture of music listening itself. People didn’t ask for the warm sound of vinyl to go away, or record stores or beautiful looking consoles to go away. We just want all the music at our fingertips, too. So for us it’s ‘and,’ not ‘or.’”

Wrensilva x John Van Hamersveld posters are available exclusively as a gift with purchase at select record stores across the nation.

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