Art & Collectible Design
Black Folks in Design: Spotlight II
October 12, 2023 - November 10, 2023
51 Hudson St,
New York, NY 10013

The second exhibition from Black Folks in Design takes over Verso with an array of furniture curated by Little Wing Lee that collectively embody the range, scale, and perspective of its members. Featuring works by Nifemi Marcus-Bello, Norman Teague, Mabeo Furniture, Jerome Harris, and Garth Roberts, the works speak their own aesthetic language driven by narrative, story, and process uniquely expressed by each designer. “As I built this show, it was inspiring to see the common threads between these pieces reveal themselves over time,” Little Wing Lee says. “Most heartening, perhaps, was to discover and build the community between so many of us, which is ultimately the goal of Black Folks in Design as a collective.”

Photography by Kelly Marshall.

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