Davina Semo: Reverberation
August 20, 2020 - April 18, 2021

Auditory interventions have become commonplace for city dwellers this year, whether through evening cheers for essential workers or the chanting voices of protesters demanding racial justice. Riffing on this notion, the artist Davina Semo reveals five cast-bronze bells that recall the maritime communications once common at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s waterfront site. Park goers are free to ring the bells, adding their own contribution to the city’s soundscape. Each bell takes on an elongated shape, dangles from a heavy industrial steel frame, and are coated in bright orange paint to signify alarm. Semo drilled holes through each bell, creating constellations of light and staccato patterns on their exterior shells that give each sculpture a distinct identity—Reflector, Singer, Dreamer, Listener, and Mother—that’s expressed in the subtle nuances in their tone when rung.

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