Eric Fischl: Meditations on Melancholia
October 27, 2020 - December 18, 2020
Skarstedt Gallery:
19 East 64th Street,
New York, NY 10065

Unfolding from Eric Fischl’s subconscious is a moody seascape beneath a dark, storm-stricken sky. It’s a moment of both tenderness and joy—a mother and child, swathed together by an American flag, embrace as they gaze toward an abyss. The work, Late America 2, continues the artist’s 2017 exhibition in response to the preceding presidential election. Now, days ahead of the next election, Fischl returns with the same motifs, this time trading the suburban pools and domestic interiors for figures that float amid hazy landscapes. We’re left wondering, as Election Day nears, is he pointing towards an uncertain future?


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