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Faye Toogood: Assemblage 7: Lost and Found
October 7, 2022 - November 12, 2022

“Whether you’re a fashion designer, a furniture designer, or an interior designer, the materials you can get your hands on are essential,” says Faye Toogood. The British multihyphenate’s latest outing with Friedman Benda, at the collectible design gallery’s newly opened L.A. outpost, zeroes in on two materials with powerful resonance in both archaeology and British history. Her latest pieces are hand-carved in oak—the country’s most reliable building timber and the top choice for medieval-era furniture—and Purbeck marble, a limestone packed with shell fossils defined by lace-like loops of white. Taken together, the materials impart a ceremonial feeling to her latest pieces, which resemble ancient dolmens and standing stones situated throughout Britain.

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