Hervé Van der Straeten: Collection Particulière
June 25, 2020 - October 15, 2020
Galerie Alexandre Biaggi:
14 Rue de Seine,
75006 Paris

Celebrating more than two decades of collaboration together, the French designer Hervé Van der Straeten and antiques dealer Alexandre Biaggi present unseen pieces by the former that draw inspiration from the Italian Futurism movement. The new collection sees Van der Straeten experiment with materials like bronze, marble, and alabaster, yielding a crop of lamps, a console, and a gueridon that are rooted in his design language yet feel unlike anything he’s done before. “A creation by Van der Straeten is immediately recognizable,” says Biaggi. “From his subtly balanced deconstructed consoles to the extraordinary, historical Chinese lacquer cabinets, I’ve always admired his stylish way of working.”

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