Nassima Landau: Parallel Worlds
May 6, 2021 - June 10, 2021
Nassima Landau:
Ahad Ha'Am St 55, Tel Aviv-Yafo

“Parallel Worlds” examines the influence of yesterday’s masters on contemporary art through the lens of seven stalwart artists—Daniel Arsham, Friedrich Kunath, Chloe Wise, Honor Titus, Ori Gersht, Alex Gardner, and Onur Hasturk—and how they incorporate them in their artistic language. “What fascinates me most is how artists give a renewed perspective on art history to create something wholly of the present day,” says chief curator Suzanne Landau. “Reference to the past is inevitable. Artists study the masters in varying degrees—technique, composition—and through careful observation, they develop their own and unique voice.” 

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