Nick Farhi and Vahakn Arslanian: Love is a Gas
December 5, 2023 - December 12, 2023
39 NE 39th St,
Miami FL

Trops’ exhibition, presented by Surface and curated by Brittny Gastineau and Nemo Librizzi, examines Farhi and Arslanian’s ongoing fascination with portrayals of glass in their paintings. Farhi’s hyperreal still life depictions of glass objects and vessels emphasize the material’s fragility, while Arslanian has maintained a lifelong fascination with what he calls the “chaotic beauty” of broken glass, often employing it in his drawings and sculptures. The show takes its name from Blondie’s 1978 hit “Heart of Glass” and is presented at Surface’s Miami headquarters in the heart of the Design District.

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