Paradoxes of Cognitive Constructs: Physics as Language
January 25, 2024 - March 9, 2024
Seizan Gallery
525 W 26TH St.
Fl. G
New York, NY 10001

Jorge Palacios treads into both linguistics and physics by exploring scientific phenomena in which the viewer is not simply a bystander, but an active participant. From their presence in the exhibition, the renowned Spanish sculptor refines his pursuit of a universal visual language to express inertia, balance, velocity, gravity, magnetism, electricity, sound, light, or time. “What would be the shape of abstract concepts,” he asks. Influences, from photographer Bernice Abbott’s investigations into magnetic behavior, George Gabriel Stokes’ study of wave propagation, and Nikola Tesla’s study of electricity, abound in the names of the works: Wave Magnitude, Emerging Particle, and Anamorphosis and the sculptures that embody them.

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