Show Me the Money
April 9, 2021 - May 16, 2021
TW Fine Art,
256 Worth Avenue,
Suite 214 (upstairs),
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Works by 13 artists investigate wealth, materialism, and currency through a visual and tactile exploration of its tangible forms such as coins, woven paper bills, precious metals. It shows what can happen when you break down metaphors associated with currency, reducing it to its most basic physical characteristics and manipulating it so that it can serve as the basis for sculpture, as seen in the works of Johnny Swing and Stacey Lee Webber. At the same time, the signs and symbols associated with money and purchasing power are made flexible, fungible, and playful in the works of Todd Pavlisko, which use plastic retail fasteners to depict dollar signs on canvas. Complementing the show’s tangible works is a NFT by Carles García O’Dowd called “G.O’D. Dollars.” 

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