Si On: I Am An Outcast From The World
February 16, 2023 - March 19, 2023
James Fuentes:
55 Delancey Street,
New York, NY 10002

Si On is known for her visceral work; according to the artist, Korean shamanism and “ugly” emotions like fear and emptiness inspire the vivid, sometimes startling, scenes she creates. In “I Am An Outcast From The World,” she channels the solitary intensity of relocating from New York City to Poland, underscoring cheerful hues with her own sense of frustration and confinement. The exhibition of large-scale paintings showcases the dualities at work in her multimedia practice. Si On’s sense of materiality expands beyond the canvas, incorporating surprising elements like broken ceramics to pair concepts seemingly at odds with each other: from violence and beauty to triumph and tragedy. 

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