Studio 54: Night Magic
March 13, 2020 - November 8, 2020
Brooklyn Museum:
200 Eastern Pkwy,
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Following the Vietnam War and during the Civil Rights Movement and fight for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, New York hungered for social and creative transformation—and a sense of joyous celebration after years of protest and upheaval. Low rents attracted a diversity of creative talent, catalyzing the invention of new art forms and musical genres. In a rare societal shift, people from various sexual, sociopolitical, and financial backgrounds intermingled freely in after-hours nightclubs, and no place exemplified this more than Studio 54. Placing the inimitable nightclub within the wider history of New York, this landmark show draws from photography, fashion, film, costume design, and set proposals to document the club’s genesis, 33-month lifespan, and resounding influence on nightlife to this day.

Dustin Pittman (American). New Year’s Eve, 1979. Courtesy of the artist. © Dustin Pittman

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