Unrepeated: Unique Prints from Two Palms
January 13, 2022 - February 12, 2022

Since David Lasry established Two Palms in 1994, the New York studio has been on the vanguard of experimental printmaking and championed the creation of monoprints and monotypes. This exhibition, which also features an online viewing room, celebrates its nearly 30 years of printmaking and longstanding partnerships with artists such as Chris Ofili, Cecily Brown, Peter Doig, and Elizabeth Peyton. “Even as monoprints and monotypes have become more widely understood and circulated, we still find ourselves with the ability to be stunned by the results of our trial and error, interrupting the rote, systematized understanding of printmaking,” Larry says. “The limitless material prospects offered by the creation of these singular prints allows us to tap into our shared curiosities and veer from tradition.” 

Pictured: “All-seeing eye” (2021) by Chris Ofili

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