Gaggenau Restaurant 1683

Category: Pop-Up Space
Location: New York

For four days in September 2016, a 7,700-square-foot studio in Chelsea became a moss-and-fern–shrouded patch of Germany’s Black Forest, as transportive as a fable of the Brothers Grimm, for pop-up dinners lead by chef Daniel Humm in honor of Gaggenau’s 333rd anniversary. Fog and mist enveloped freestanding waterfalls, light filtered through the dark space as sunbeams through a canopy of old-growth oaks, and a lone pine tree felled from the Black Forest itself was shipped over to create the bar. Cocktail-toting guests circled around a blacksmith hammering iron ore into nails inspired by the one that launched Gaggenau in 1683, then collected at chef station tables fitted with the company’s appliances—including two-zone induction cooktops and grills used to create dishes for the night’s menu, which included scallops with celery root and black truffle, and chicken roasted with corn and wheat berries. In case you missed it, Gaggenau is hosting smaller yet equally lush Bistro 1683 events across the country, everywhere from Austin to Scottsdale, through 2018, by invitation-only.

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