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Inclusion on The List sets your brand or firm apart in an often crowded marketplace. Your membership includes a variety of tools to promote this endorsement. We encourage you to use them to shout it from the rooftops!



The Surface Design Badge

The badge allows you to share this designation with the world
and establishes you at the forefront of your industry.



How to Use the Surface Design Badge

Use the badge as a tool to promote your brand in your materials and on your channels. The Surface Design Badge acts as an official emblem of your Surface editor–approved status and affiliation with The List community.

Ways to use the Surface Design Badge
Press releases
Brand and marketing collateral
Email newsletters
Your website
Social media channels
Trade show signage



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The List connects you with like-minded brands and provides access to the best of the creative class. As we launch digital- and event-based programming to bring awareness to this exciting new initiative, your brand or firm can remain a vital part of the conversation on social media.



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Inclusion on The List is a press-worthy moment. Your custom endorsement from our editors is a powerful tool to promote your brand or firm. We’ve included a sample press release here to show how you can leverage this unique distinction to create buzz.



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