Google Shows the Chilling Effects of Climate Change, and Other News

Our daily look at the world through the lens of design.

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Why Google Is Leaving Silicon Valley Behind

Google is investing over $7 billion in offices and data centers across the nation and creating at...

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MVRDV’s Mirrored Art Depot, Google’s Plans for San Jose, and Other News

Our daily look at the world through the lens of design.

How Google Is Revolutionizing The Way We Meet

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The Boundaries Issue
Google’s Ivy Ross Wants You to Simply Be

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The tech giant's Grow With Google education center in New York City mixes retro analog styling with

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On the heels of Amazon’s controversial New York City about-face, five local firms envision a high

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Google Suggests the Future of Hardware and Technology Is “Softwear”

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Airline Bookings Will Soon Be Like Airbnb and Uber

Surface Media’s CEO on the future of air travel.