Tech: Punkt MP 01 Cellphone

Looking for a digital detox? Industrial designer Jasper Morison has teamed up with the tech minimalists at Punkt to create a radically dialed-back mobile phone called the MP01, available this month. It has no camera, no apps – not even a single touch screen. “Perhaps the only thing we’ve added is the option to separate yourself from the addictive nature of smartphones,” says Morrison, whose task was to create a phone that could help consumers escape the daily onslaught of digital noise. But the technologically basic MP 01 is aesthetically (and ergonomically) advanced: The sleek wedge shaped and raised rounded buttons make for easy handling, while a handsome metal body and Gorilla Glass display encases a battery that can last several weeks between charges. Good looks aside, it might actually be the smartest phone to hit the market since 2007. $295,

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