Aesop’s Queer Library Returns, and Other News

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Aesop’s Queer Library

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Aesop’s Queer Library Champions LGBTQIA+ Authors

Aesop regulars are no strangers to picking out a Paris Review when stocking up on body balm and hand wash. But from June 20–25, the brand’s Williamsburg, Silverlake, and Yorkville/Toronto stores will clear their shelves of the beloved botanic formulations and replace them with some of the foremost queer literature. This year’s Queer Library initiative emphasizes the defiance of book bans relating to queer literature. Visitors will be invited to select a title of their choice, complimentary from Aesop. —Jenna Adrian-Diaz

Basel Social Club. Photography by David Owens

Basel Social Club will transform a former mayonnaise factory into a cultural venue.

Basel Social Club (BSC), a mobile arts organization, has transformed a former mayonnaise factory into a vibrant hub showcasing more than 100 commercial galleries, performances, and pop-up eateries. The factory, temporarily occupied by BSC, will eventually become a permanent cultural venue focused on contemporary dance and performing arts as part of the Klybeckplus regeneration plan. The initiative reflects Basel’s evolving art scene, which has seen the emergence of spaces like Salts and the opening of commercial galleries aiming to maintain the city’s cultural prominence and attract diverse audiences.

Frenchette Bakery will replace Danny Meyer’s closed Untitled at the Whitney Museum.

The Whitney Museum is set to open a flagship location for Tribeca’s Frenchette Bakery, which will replace Untitled, the pandemic-closed Danny Meyer restaurant. Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, owners of Frenchette and Le Rock, opened the former in 2020, offering a menu that includes sweet and savory options for breakfast and lunch, and various beverages. The opening reflects the museum’s effort to revamp its ground-floor restaurant space’s food and beverage program and will serve as a communal space to engage with visitors.

The Bottega Veneta footwear atelier in Vigonza. Photography by Matteo Canestraro

The facade of Bottega Veneta’s new footwear atelier mimics its Intrecciato technique.

Bottega Veneta has inaugurated a new footwear atelier situated in the renowned shoe production district of Riviera del Brenta in Vigonza, Italy. The atelier features a facade adorned with dark metal panels reminiscent of the label’s signature intrecciato leather weaving. Spanning three floors and covering 59,000 square feet, the facility consolidates the entire process of shoe creation, from design and development to production and quality control. The opening of the atelier aligns with Bottega Veneta’s commitment to preserving the craftsmanship and artisan excellence of the Veneto region, where the brand has deep roots.

Virgin Galactic aims to launch its first commercial space tourism service this month.

Virgin Galactic is set to launch its commercial space tourism service in late June, with shares of the company experiencing a significant increase of more than 40 percent in after-hours trading this past Thursday. The first flight, named Galactic 01, is scheduled for a launch window from June 27–30, while subsequent commercial flights are planned for early August and monthly. The inaugural flight will carry three members of the Italian Air Force who will conduct microgravity research, marking an important milestone for Virgin Galactic and its goal of regular commercial space travel. 

A submarine exploring the Titanic’s wreckage goes missing with five people aboard.

A deep-water rescue operation is underway in the Atlantic Ocean to locate a technologically advanced submersible vessel that was carrying five individuals—each of whom paid $250,000 to join—on a mission to document the wreckage of the Titanic. The vessel was reported overdue south of St. John’s, Newfoundland, prompting a joint effort by the Canadian Coast Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, and military aircraft to locate and rescue the crew. Operated by OceanGate Expeditions, the submersible was conducting research with mission specialists on board. Efforts are being made to send a remotely operated vehicle to the site for assistance.

Beatrix Potter illustrations. Image via Wikimedia Commons

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