Secure Summer's It Bag, Courtesy of Montreal's Finest Leatherworkers

Presenting "Noah" by Annoukis.

Presenting "Noah" by Annoukis.

Every so often, an unexpected handbag silhouette comes along and sidelines a style that we thought was our favorite. Such is the case with “Noah” by Annoukis.

With its structured construction, elongated, triangular shape, and versatility, it’s all but knocked our other satchels out of the rotation—and with good reason.

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Handcrafted from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, inspired by ancient weaving techniques, and assembled in Montreal, “Noah” is worldly  enough to warrant a passport all its own.

With its sleek shape and welcome roominess it’s safe to say “Noah” is a contender for bag of the summer—now, don’t you think it’s high time you secured yours?

“Noah” by Annoukis, $653;


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