ATRA's Zany New Seating Makes Us Want To Purge Our Living Rooms and Start Over

Introducing Milan, Flow, and Korsu, all designed by Alexander Diaz Andersson.

Introducing Milan, Flow, and Korsu, all designed by Alexander Diaz Andersson.

Forgive us, for we have wronged…

See, when outfitting our own living spaces, we played it practical. By marrying our inherited items with newer, more minimalistic finds, it seemed as though we had landed on a perfect age-impervious interior aesthetic. With the release of ATRA’s 2019 offerings, it’s come to our attention that we were very, very wrong.

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ATRA’s 2019 collection is comprised of a desk, tables, sofas, and chairs. But three of its new seating options, in particular, has us ready to purge our living space and start over, carte blanche.

As shown above, the Milan sofa, Flow recliner, and Korsu dining chair illustrate ATRA Creative Director Alexander Diaz Andersson‘s remarkable range.

Milan skews refined and neotenic thanks to its stacked seating element, which gives off a deceptively puffy appearance. Flow reinterprets the puffy motif in a more casual fashion, but its cool toned materials (black leather, blackened steel) lend themselves to a silhouette far more avant garde than Milan’s. Korsu’s plushy, welcoming velvet seat is a perfect compliment to its gorgeous walnut frame.

Yes, it’s all very attractive, all very intriguing—but we’ll stop just short of saying we’re lusting over ATRA’s 2019 collection. We can’t afford to rack up any more vices.


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