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Lutz Morris and KPM Berlin Toast 100 Years of the Bauhaus

The two brands join forces to create a collection that celebrates the German school’s landmark year.

The two brands join forces to create a collection that celebrates the German school’s landmark year.

Lutz Morris and KPM Berlin are joining forces on a collection inspired by Bauhaus—the revolutionary and influential German design school celebrating its 100th anniversary this year—with a series of products that also pays homage to both companies’ roots.

The German-based accessories brand and the tableware manufacturer, also known as the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, began the partnership when Lutz Morris’s founder Tina Lutz had a conversation with KPM Berlin’s CEO, Bernd Lietke, on how they could push forward “Made in Germany” products. Lietke was already creating a 10-piece tea set originally designed by Bauhaus teacher Marguerite Friedlaender, and Lutz hopped on board with a bag and a custom leather sleeve for a porcelain to-go cup that was specially made for this collaboration. Except for the sleeve, these products will feature a pattern of quadrilaterals in white, grey and red with black, gold and orange piping that nods to Bauhaus motifs, which was designed by KPM’s Thomas Wenzel.

The Lutz Morris and KPM Berlin collection inspired by Bauhaus’s 100th Anniversary. Photo courtesy of Lutz Morris.

“We’re a Berlin-based luxury brands founded on high-end German craftsmanship—leather and porcelain manufacturing respectively—which we aim to preserve,” says Lutz. “By joining forces on this special project, we’re reviving the interdisciplinary cooperation of various craft and art forms, as was done during the Bauhaus era. It is a collaboration that goes hand-in-hand, literally and figuratively.”

With an ethos that promotes simplicity in form across all mediums, Bauhaus certainly falls into Lutz Morris’s wheelhouse. The company, which was founded by Lutz and her husband Justin Morris, follows a less-is-more sensibility, offering an assortment of handbags with streamlined silhouettes that utilize handcrafted leather in saturated hues and 24k gold-plated stainless steel frames. This emphasis on technique and details is also a cornerstone of KPM Berlin, which is why a collaboration made sense for both parties.

The limited-edition collection will be sold exclusively on through June.

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