The Blu Dot Designs Our Editors Want in Their Homes Right Now

Plus, a chance to win a $5,000 gift card from the modern home furnishings company.

Surface editors have long been fans of Blu Dot, and for good reason. From within the walls of its Minneapolis HQ to its personality-filled products, all the way down to its fabrics (which are cheekily named after disgraced politicians), the modern home furnishings company oozes a fun-loving spirit. All the while, the brand remains serious about great design. Here’s proof: Blu Dot received the 2018 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Product Design. On the occasion of our $5,000 Blu Dot gift card giveaway—enter to win here—our editors share the pieces they’re currently coveting.

“In the sea of chairs out there, the Bloke Velvet Lounge Chair caught my eye because of its unusual profile, which respectfully says, Privacy, please! As someone who requires a daily dose of alone time, it would be a fitting nook to curl up in with a book or zone out after a long day. I’d put it in my living room, where its rectangular proportions would complement my round, ivory velvet sofa and give me a reliable place to escape.” —Tiffany Jow, Design Editor

“Like a cheese grater shredding a block of sharp cheddar into palatable form, Blu Dots Filter Table Lamp cuts harsh light into a pleasing ambient glow with two perforated metal discs. Although the muted color palette includes winners like blush and ochre, Im itching to put the wine-hued oxblood one on my credenza at home.”   —Nate Storey, Travel Editor

“I spend a lot of time at my dining table, hosting dinner parties that go long into the night and using it as my ‘home office’ on weekends. Having comfortable seating that I can spend hours in is essential, and the Neat Dining Chair checks all the right boxes. The soft felt upholstery makes it that much harder to find excuses to get up and leave.” —Sasha Levine, Features Editor

“I tend to walk in the front door of my apartment and throw my stuff down wherever it lands: The back of a chair, a bedpost, even the floor (guilty). I tend to be a bit of a messy hoarder, too, so the genius Splash Coat Rack would be just the ticket. Im partial to design objects that have a sense of humor, especially here, in the surprising shade of lilac. I love that it looks like a teepee planted next to the front door.” —Stephen Watson, Watch Editor

“Every music geek has a ‘listening area:’ A space where you arrange your turntables, speakers, amps, crank the gain, and reenact the Blown Away Guy commercial. Having the right chair is crucial. It needs to be comfy enough for long hauls with Bonnie Raitt, sturdy enough for head-banging sessions with Metallica. The Field Lounge Chair is both, and the design won’t be out-shined by vintage hi-fi equipment. No small accomplishment.” —Max Prince, Contributing Editor

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