The Boffi Tomato+ Brings the Mediterranean to Your Kitchen

A new greenhouse system grows 30 types of vegetables and herbs inside a swanky stainless-steel box.

Photo: Courtesy Boffi.

Beginning in 2018, you won’t need a green thumb, or even a speck of soil, to grow your own vegetables. Italian kitchen designer Boffi is bringing the biodome home with a new system that grows fresh ingredients from vacuum-packed seed pods: It’s the Nespresso of the greenhouse, but better—the pods are compostable and biodegradable, stay fresh for a year, and don’t contain GMOs or chemicals. The Tomato+ can nurture 30 types of herbs, spices, and greens (parsley, arugula, and dill among them—tomato, notably, is not) by mimicking each plant’s ideal temperature, humidity, and daily light cycle, replicating the ideal Mediterranean microclimate by way of stainless steel and LEDs.

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