Bradford Shellhammer's Offbeat Objects

The designer's colorful work shows how real people live.

“There’s nothing that’s showing how real people live, which is a mix of special things that you save up little bit more money for, and the high end things, and then the more affordable things that you pick up at the flea market.” While seemingly similar to his former venture, Bezar promises to distinguish itself with a pop-up sales model that introduces four new designers every day in one of four categories: Art, House, Jewelry, and Accessories. The collections are specially surged by an in-house team with an eye for emerging designers, new collections from established gurus, and products imbued with a colorful, happy energy—what Shellhammer refers to as an “unapologetic optimism.” The site’s back-catalog of products, called Additional Offerings, include select items with color options exclusive to Bezar, including the Flos Kelvin lamp in a bright pink twist (shown here) that’s set to launch this month. By “color-bombing” some of the most iconic products in design, Shellhammer says he hopes to breath new life into classics.

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