GRAVES by Blake Kuwahara

Kuwahara breaks down the digits behind his stunning new sunglasses.

Kuwahara breaks down the digits behind his stunning new sunglasses.

Blake Kuwahara’s stunning, versatile eyewear line is fairly new all things considered—four and a half years isn’t much in the big scheme of things. But Kuwahara the designer? Well, that’s a different story.

Kuwahara has almost three decades experience in design and a laundry list of big, big brands he worked with during that span. We won’t get into it, but you’ve no doubt seen—or even worn—his work in the past: it’s just had someone else’s name on it.

But a few years back Kuwahara decided to channel all that talent and experience into a brand that not only bears his name, but benefits from his meticulous approach to designing and engineering pieces that are—as his GRAVES collection shows—just as much design objects as they are stylish accessories. Experimental, nuanced, and endlessly versatile, they buck the status quo with elegance and intelligence.

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Now, let Blake Kuwahara  break down some of the numbers that went into crafting GRAVES, a line good enough to bear his name.

36 countries in which Blake Kuwahara eyewear is sold

3,672 hours it takes to craft each frame

4.5 years since Blake Kuwahara Eyewear launched

2 seasons per year

10 styles created per season

29 years of designing eyewear

247 days Kuwahara was on the road in 2018

19 countries Kuwahara visited in 2018


(Photos: Courtesy of Blake Kuwahara)

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