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A new generation of design-savvy entrepreneurs and consumers have turned weed into a contemporary lifestyle rooted in design, art, wellness, fashion, and more.

The Bauhaus Demi Pipe by Kenni Field.

We’re way past the days when cannabis was considered taboo. As the legalization movement gains more and more momentum—hey there, New York—so does the industry’s creativity and innovation. A new generation of design-savvy entrepreneurs and consumers have turned weed into a contemporary lifestyle rooted in design, art, wellness, fashion, and more. From a Philadelphia ceramicist’s Bauhaus–inspired pipe to a restaurant-quality, at-home herb infuser to a full-spectrum CBD oil whose branding is influenced by Tadao Ando and Jenny Holzer, the products in our cannabis gift guide give new meaning to the term high design.

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CBD Pre-Rolls


When doom scrolling kicks your anxiety into high gear, soothing your nerves becomes a must. Luckily, Stevie’s top-shelf CBD pre-rolled joints can complement just about any self-care routine to deliver a quick hit of calm. Plus, the hyper-sustainable brand sources their flowers from a female-owned hemp farm practicing regenerative agriculture, putting our activist anxieties at bay.

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500 MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil


With backgrounds in architecture and design, co-founders Jusleen Sodiwal + Millie Shroff took cues from the art world when dreaming up the eye-catching visual identity of CEMENT’s full-spectrum CBD oil. Particularly, they ruminated over the use of space, text, and words by titans such as Cy Twombly, Max Ernst, Tadao Ando, and Jenny Holzer. What’s inside the bottle is pretty great, too—a tincture of active hemp-derived cannabinoids and fractionated coconut oil (MCT) packed with plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals. What does it feel like? Tune into Cement’s audiovisual playlist, an artist collaboration dubbed 500 MG on Spotify, to get a sense.

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Radiance Pre-Rolls


Sure, celebrity weed is the new celebrity tequila, but Grammy Award-winner Carlos Santana’s brand Mirayo cuts through the noise with a level of authenticity and artistry that stands above the pack. Divided into three categories of consciousness —radiance, symmetry & centered. The line is infused with the energy of Santana’s Latin heritage and features tins of five 0.5 gram pre-rolls and 7-gram jars of whole flower. The kaleidoscopic packaging is covered in vibrant patterns reminiscent of traditional Mexican tin art, and the flower is sungrown to help you find your inner light. The line is crafted with the spirit of the guitarist’s mother who used to make salves of cannabis to relieve various pains and symptoms in his childhood hometowns of Autlan and Tijuana, Mexico. Surface says: it’s “Smooth” (sorry, we had to.)

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When it comes to packing the biggest punch, infusion is king. Thanks to LĒVO’s suave, digitally optimized machine, oil-infusing at home is as easy as using your smartphone. The brand’s signature product, the LĒVO II, starts by activating up to eight grams of “herbs” inside a ceramic-coated chamber with digital temperature controls, then imbuing them into oil or butter for all of your elevated cooking and crafting needs, from gummies to bath bombs. Need inspiration? Download LĒVO’s cookbook, Inspired Infusions, Elevated Edibles. One thing you’ll quickly discover: cannabis cuisine has come a long way since your high school brownie days.Surface readers can take 20% off sitewide using the promotion code LEVOGREEN (valid April 13-20).

420 Survival Pack

$68 (worth $120)

Cover all your holiday needs in style with Sunday Goods’ limited-edition 420 Survival Pack, which comes equipped with gum, a facemask, stickers, eye drops, a lighter, fanny pack, and for a lucky few, an exclusive cannabis-infused fragrance sample. Most importantly, enjoy a pack of five pre-rolls that contain the vertically integrated company’s sun-grown, sustainable flower in whichever strain suits your mood (lemon brulee, perhaps?). The brand opts exclusively for all-natural, high-integrity sourcing and growing methods that respect and preserve the plant’s original qualities, meaning you can count on product so good you’ll need a survival pack if you muster up the courage to venture into the world.

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Series X


After the runaway success of its Series 1 vaporizer, Omura and Michael Young Studio have teamed up again for an encore. The Series X incorporates all of the best features of its predecessor—pre-rolled, whole flower cartridges, an advanced heat-not-burn mechanism, sleek matte colorways—and levels up with the introduction of a minimalist USB-C powered charging stand. Its updated design moves away from typical cylindrical vape typologies, towards the realm of vintage Dunhill lighters. The Series X is available in hues of gold, quartz, and slate, but our favorite is shiny jade, a holistic match for the device’s function.

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Bauhaus Demi Pipe


Like the foundational ideas of the movement started by architect Walter Gropius in the midcentury, the Bauhaus style of Philadelphia ceramicist Kenni Field’s pipe is rooted in simplicity and functionality. The crescent-shaped slab of sanded porcelain fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand and confidently poses as a sculpture when it’s not in use. Though the other more colorful designs such as asilah blue, lucky charmz, and flower child are striking, there’s something about the ivory-white that feels symbiotic with the design itself: austere, unembellished, and beautiful.

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