Caran D’Ache’s Latest Launch Champions the Creative Class

The Swiss leader in premium writing and drawing tools breaks down the barriers to learning about making art at any age.

As an adult, getting into art—not as a patron or museumgoer, but actually being creative and making art—can be challenging. Art supply stores, for one, are laid out for those who already know how soft they need their pencils, the weight of their sketching paper, and whether their pastels need to be water-soluble. Figure that out, and there’s still the complexity of finding a class with a workable schedule, often during the after-work or weekend hours when gallery-hopping to look at real masterpieces seems like a more appealing prospect. 

Navigate that quandary and you still take a gamble on hitting it off with your instructor or wondering if your classmates’ biting feedback during group crits is bordering on personal. For those who prefer to relax and unwind for class, and not brace themselves for it, Caran D’Ache’s new Creative Class equips those of all skill levels to explore their creativity in the comfort of their own home. The Creative Box offers a considered edit of Caran D’Ache art materials and access to three instructor-led classes on the Creative Class platform.

Among artists, the brand has become known for the longevity and reliability of its pastels, graphite and colored pencils, fiber tip pens, and more. The Creative Box combines these, along with gouache, a drawing pad, painting palette, and a few other necessities in one kit that includes access to three online foundational classes in drawing and illustration. Teaching artists include Ambre Verschaeve, an illustrator, Adrian Weber, an instructor with 20 years of experience, and practicing architect, illustrator, and designer Claudia Melchor del Rio

Each instructor uses the same materials Creative Class students have in their kit, and each video culminates with a completed artwork to show for it. Classes are taught in French, English, and German, and additional videos are available to purchase separately from the Creative Box, online. As students progress, they can return to Caran D’Ache to build out their supplies, and the confidence in their foundation to brave the unknown of in-person classes. 

Creative Class, by Caran D'Ache.

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