Henrik Pedersen Forges a Cocoon of Comfort and Style

The Danish furniture designer recently unveiled Bellmonde, a collection of woven outdoor seating that balances resilience and style in equal measure.

Credit (all images): Courtesy of Dedon.

The balm of a breathtaking vista, the soothing effect of taking in a snippet of one’s idyllic surroundings, is made manifestly better by the comfort of one’s perch. To that end, Henrik Pedersen’s newly unveiled Bellmonde collection for Dedon makes a fitting roost for both idle daydreaming and spirited gatherings alike.

The secret to the subtle ergonomics of the Bellmonde collection’s lounge and armchairs lies in their woven construction. Dedon stands out in the crowded outdoor furniture market thanks to how it manufactures both its own furnishings and the woven textiles that give each piece its characteristic structural integrity and resiliency to the elements. A “wing” of woven Dedon fibers—accompanied by polypropylene or acrylic cushions—wraps around an aluminum frame, comfortably envelops the sitter, and helps ensure the chair’s longevity in the face of frost, wind, sun, and even the corrosive effects of salt water. 

Those so inclined can pair either of the Bellmonde chairs with the collection’s accompanying dining table. Thoughtful touches like rounded corners, and colorways that coordinate with the various tones at play in the chairs, create visual harmony between all three styles. Of course, there’s no need to overthink things or get carried away in pursuit of matchy-matchy perfection. After all, “this is a product designed for interacting,” Pedersen says. “We worked on making the weave as tactile and textured as possible, almost crocheted, instead of woven. This combined with the soft cushions and curved backs give us that casual, chilled, and relaxed feeling.”

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