Business of Design
Lab-Grown Meat is Coming to a Plate Near You

Investment in cell-cultured meat products ballooned to $3.2 billion in 2020. Thanks to a group of...

Unpacking Miami’s New 40-Year Plan Against Rising Sea Levels

Miami releases the Stormwater Master Plan, a comprehensive guide that outlines how South Florida...

A Sustainable Design Marketplace Where the Mission is Buy Less

An e-commerce platform whose goal is to get you to buy less stuff? As implausible as it might seem,

Design Dispatch
Working From Home Could Lead to a Housing Emissions Crisis, Royal Institute of British Architects Warns

In the U.K., RIBA is cautioning the government that the increase in people working from home will...

Announcing The Finalists for The 2019 Surface Travel Awards

From hotels to headphones, New York to the Maldives, these are the candidates for the best new...

Ho Chi Minh City’s Central Park Steps Into The Future

On what was once a set of 19th-century French railroad tracks, Ho Chi Minh City's revamped Central...

Zara Commits to Going Green

The Spanish retailer and its parent company Inditex roll out a plan to become more sustainable by...

Francis Kéré’s Haven at Tippet Rise

Tippet Rise Art Center unveils its first site-specific commission since it opened in 2016: a...

Valcucine Cooks Up a Motion-Capture Kitchen Counter

The Italian kitchen manufacturer introduces its Logica Celata Bar.

Need to Know: Kyriaki Drakotos of Kyriaki

"Everyone was proud of their names and it meant something personal to them, they each had their own

Need to Know: Knud Erik Hansen of Carl Hansen & Søn

"Wegner came with his organic, round furniture; that was far too avant-garde for that time, but my...

Future Island: How Richard Bailey Built Marlon Brando’s Vision into the World’s Most Luxurious Eco Resort

Five years into an extraordinary mission, The Brando’s Richard Bailey offers a new vision of...