Colony Kicks Off Phila, a Collection of Charitable Objects

Long dedicated to uplifting the independent design community, the New York gallery and creative consultancy puts its maker hat on by launching the first in a series of limited-run objects for charity.

Phila|Terra designed by Colony’s Jean Lin

Since launching in 2014, Colony has uplifted the independent design community by offering creative direction and consulting services to ensure its clients are presented in the best possible light. Now, founder Jean Lin is putting her maker hat on by launching Phila, a series of limited-run objects of her design to be sold for charitable causes. The inaugural collection, Phila|Terra, consists of 100 hand-blown glass vases fabricated by artist Deborah Czeresko—the winner of Netflix’s Blown Away—that will benefit the Environmental Defense Fund and the Rainforest Foundation US

Phila|Terra marks the first edition of a series of future releases, each distinct in form and color palette, and inspired by the charities they’ll benefit. To minimize waste, Lin gave Czeresko a set of size, shape, and color parameters to work within, rather than exact instructions—a move that yields a vastly textured collection at reasonable price points. “These vases are singularly beautiful, yet visually transformative as a group,” Lin says. “Similarly, we as individuals are small, unique, and fragile, but when we come together in the spirit of community and the greater good, we can change a landscape.”

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