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Anony’s Wisp Suspension Lamp is a Study in Design Ingenuity

Seeming to defy the laws of physics and mechanics, the Wisp lamp also invites constant interaction.

All photography by Joel Esposito.

Christian Lo and David Ryan elevate lighting into an art form. Whether it be the kinetic Phase Chandelier’s resemblance to an Alexander Calder mobile or the Highwire Chandelier’s genius balancing system and yo-yo shape, the duo behind Toronto-based studio Anony imbue their designs with drama and whimsy. Their latest release, the Wisp Suspension lamp, is no exception.

On first glance the lamp shade appears to be hovering in the air of its own accord, aligned with its steel base by an invisible force or perhaps some type of sorcery. Look closer and a faint air craft cable appears, running vertically up to 20 feet and connecting to a ceiling mount—the trick behind the aluminum shade’s optical illusion. 

Left: Jake Sherman for Anony. Right: Courtesy of Anony.

Though its form veers brutalist, the diffused glow of the touch-controlled light adds softness into any space. “Making each element [of the lamp] interactive,” is key, says Lo, and innovation has been elemental to the studio’s design process since its inception. “We came across technology that allowed us to transfer a signal from the base, through glass, up the wire and into the shade. It’s an unusual path for a signal to take and to a user it feels like magic,” says Lo.


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