Daniel Gibson Embeds His Roots Into Sun-Soaked Landscapes

For his latest solo exhibition at Almine Rech, the Angeleno artist infuses personal histories into vibrant canvases that ripple with the sublime romance of American Southwest and radiate the life that flows within and outside us.

Here, we ask an artist to frame the essential details behind one of their latest works.

Bio: Daniel Gibson, 44, Los Angeles (@hotburrrito1)

Title of work: Ocotillo Song.

Where to see it: Almine Rech (39 East 78 St, New York) until July 30.

Three words to describe it: Release, discovery, and surface.

What was on your mind at the time: Gratitude for being able to sit and make paintings. That I have the time to be able to tell these stories.

An interesting feature that’s not immediately noticeable: I tend to hide figures, stories, and faces in the work. Most times the hidden story is mine and the rest is yours.

How it reflects your practice as a whole: I usually stay in the work even when I’m not physically painting or drawing. It’s a consistent search.

One song that captures its essence: “It’s Easier Now” by Jason Molina.

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