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Lucie and Luke Meier. (Photo: Courtesy Jil Sander)

Ins and Outs

This week, two more staffing changes in the fashion sphere were announced: husband-and-wife team Lucie and Luke Meier have been named creative directors at Jil Sander, and Massimo Giorgetti will be leaving Emilio Pucci after four seasons as its creative lead. Giorgetti intends to focus on his own label, MSGM, while the Meiers are excited to implement “a vision that is modern, cohesive, and in touch with what is relevant now” at Jil Sander.
[The New York Times]

Basquiat and O’Brien on TV Party. (Photo:

Glenn O’Brien, 1947-2017

Writer, editor, and personality Glenn O’Brien has died at the age of 70. O’Brien was known for editing Andy Warhol’s magazine Interview, cofounding BOMB Magazine, and hosting the off-the-wall television show TV Party. “We had a good run fucking up television, though,” O’Brien once wrote of TV Party. “Cursing, getting high, advocating subversion, being party desperados.”

A rendering of the future LACMA. (Image: Courtesy Atelier Peter Zumthor, via The Architect’s Newspaper)

LACMA’s New Layouts

Peter Zumthor has revealed new renderings and designs for his overhaul of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The project, which should be completed by 2023, is intended to be a structure with “no back, no front,” so as to grant all art objects equal status. Read our recent article on Zumthor here.
[The Artchitect’s Newspaper]

The Adidas Futurecraft 4D. (Photo: Courtesy Adidas)

Manufacturing Marvel

Adidas has released the Futurecraft 4D, its first product made with a new additive manufacturing technology, Digital Light Synthesis. This innovative process corrects many of 3-D printing’s shortcomings, including slow production, poor quality, and material restrictions. “Despite the influence of technology to improve almost every other aspect of our lives, for eons the manufacturing process has followed the same four steps that make up the product development cycle –design, prototype, tool, produce,” said Dr. Joseph DeSimone, CEO of the company Adidas partnered with to create the process. Carbon has changed that; we’ve broken the cycle and are making it possible to go directly from design to production. We’re enabling engineers and designers to create previously impossible designs.”

5 Pointz in Queens, New York. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Spray Paint Subpoena

A group of graffiti artists are suing the real estate developer who destroyed their work when he demolished the iconic 5 Pointz site in Queens, New York. “The court’s order denying dismissal of our client’s claims is a groundbreaking decision for aerosol artists around the country,” said Eric Down, the lawyer representing the artists. “The message is that if you destroy art protected by federal law, you will be held responsible for your actions.…We are confident that at trial both the artists and their work will be determined to be of recognized stature.”

A look from Hood By Air’s spring/summer 2017 show. (Photo:Alessandro Garofalo /, via Vogue Runway)

Side Hustles

Hood by Air is being put on hiatus, as cofounders Shayne Oliver and Leilah Weinraub pursue other projects. Oliver is creating a men’s and women’s collection for Helmut Lang, while Weinraub is focusing on her filmmaking and her project “Shakedown,” which is included in this year’s Whitney Biennial.

Inside The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Photo:

Art by the Numbers

FiveThirtyEight, a site that specializes in statistic analysis, has applied its skills to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s extensive collection. The data showed that Egypt and the U.S. are by far the most represented countries, and also revealed the delayed acquisitions of such heavyweights as Picasso and Matisse.

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