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Traffic in Paris. (Photo: Flickr)

Zero Sum

France will ban all fossil fuel–powered cars by 2040 and become carbon-neutral.

Unintended Use

On election night, Hillary Clinton didnt get to release the celebratory confetti stored in the rafters. Now, an artist is giving the unused chads a second chance.

Tight-Lipped Tech

Love technology but creeped out by snooping algorithms? Apple products may be your best bet.
[The Wall Street Journal]

Next Dimension

Google released a free 3-D modeling program for VR, priming the company to become the main platform for virtual creation.

Ganging Up

Studio Gang’s Hive installation—inspired in part by the women’s march in Washington, D.C.—is now on view at the National Building Museum.
[The Architect’s Newspaper]

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