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Aleksandr Rodchenko, “Workers’ Club,”, at the V-A-C Foundation. (Photo: Sisto Legnani, via Artnet)

Contradiction in Terms

Russia’s richest man has opened an art foundation in Venice. If only Aleksandr Rodchenko, an avowed champion of the proletariat, knew his art would be shown in a plutocrat’s gallery.

Nest Egg

Anxious about relocation? This golden egg could be the solution.
[New Atlas]

True Blue

Crayola is making a crayon with a new blue pigment. It looks curiously like an old blue pigment.

Sister Act

Even the art world isn’t immune to a good old sibling rivalry.

Free Space

Amazon is giving a homeless shelter 47,000 square feet of space in its new office building, at least “until homeless is solved.” We could be waiting a while.
[The New York Times]

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