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MAD Architects's plans for George Lucas's Museum of Decorative Arts, in Los Angeles. (Image: MAD Architects, via Artnet)

Spacing Out

The design for George Lucas’s new museum looks like it belongs in a galaxy far, far away.

Copy Cat

Staten Island thinks it needs a High Line.

Performance Piece

There are Leonardo DiCaprio doppelgängers and an artist dressed in her painting walking around the Frieze New York art fair.

One to Rule Them All

The New York Times has crowned Lisa Phillips, the director of New York’s New Museum, as “The Most Powerful Woman in the New York Art World.” If you stay very still, you can feel the vicious jealousy of her peers.
[The New York Times]

Ping’s Prize

Mary Ping’s firm has won this year’s National Design Award for fashion, but her parents would still rather she go to grad school. Other winners include Deborah Berke for interior design, Joe Doucet for product, and MASS Design Group for architecture.

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