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The Surface Mother's Day Gift Guide

From Shelley Caudill's effortlessly stylish Motorcycle Jacket to a Polish apothecary’s revitalizing face serum to a 3D-printed pendant engraved with the coordinates of a meaningful locale, these six Surface–approved gift ideas for Mother’s Day up the creative quotient beyond the typical big-box store offerings. Because if your mom is anything like ours, ordinary isn’t going to cut it.    

The Heliodon Pendant

Whether it’s a favorite vacation spot, the location of your childhood home, or any other place in the world that holds special meaning, these one-of-a-kind wearable pendants will let mom carry those memories wherever she goes. Plaitly digitally designs each 18-karat gold-plated piece to accurately represent the angle of the sun and the geographic coordinates of a destination, meaning each made-to-order memento is truly unique to the owner. How’s that for sense of place?



A former creative director for Travel + Leisure, Laura Aviva taps into her global network of artisans when producing collections for her namesake design studio and housewares line. Khovar, for example, takes cues from the figurative murals decorating the walls of the mud homes found in the tribal villages of Hazaribagh in Northeastern India. To celebrate the annual matrimonial ritual each spring, Aviva commissioned local women from the Tribal Women Artists Cooperative to create three paintings—leaf, vine, flower—that were translated into a collection of fabrics and wallpapers, including this series of plush feather-down pillows.


(LEFT) The Motorcycle Jacket by Shelley Caudill. (RIGHT) Alba Thyment Ltd's Overnight Cell Rescue Oil.

Shelley Caudill
The Motorcycle Jacket
$722 – $797

Ever since launching her first womenswear collection inspired by a trip to Berlin, the L.A.–based artist, stylist, and designer Shelley Caudill has received a number of accolades for her high-fashion leatherwork. Her signature Motorcycle Jacket, available in six colors, is made from 100 percent lambskin and features a versatile contemporary silhouette with raw edges and waist-line crop that makes it fit for a night out, a business meeting, or, say, a red-eye to Germany’s culture capital.  


Alba Thyment Ltd.
Overnight Cell Rescue Oil

Moms rarely have it easy, but this deeply nourishing and revitalizing spray makes sure she gets the most from her valuable shut-eye. The Polish apothecary’s super-rich formula of sweet vanilla, sunflower, and green tea overtones boost the skin’s natural smoothing processes overnight so she can wake up to a youthful complexion and healthy glow come morning.


Twist Pendant
Starting at $1645 (priced by weight linked to current price of gold)

Founded by investment veteran Deryk Rhodes, the Palm Beach–based maison brings a rare mindset to the world of high-end jewelry. Fashioned exclusively from 24-karat gold, the filigree cuffs, classic pendants, and structural cufflinks are treated as assets whose value can be tracked in a digital portfolio. Each bullion-grade piece is sold by the gram, with pricing pegged to the real-time market value of gold. Like a woven strand of luxurious fabric, the Twist pendant symbolizes its strength in relation to the whole and the power of collectivity.  

30mm diameter pendant. On 16.5″ solid 24k gold delicate double chain with signature solid 24k gold T clasp.


Classic Notebook, Hydrangea Blue

Sometimes the simplest gestures speak the biggest volumes. That’s certainly the case with a Moleskine notebook, which elevates its lucky owner to the caliber of history’s great artists, writers, and thinkers who’ve long used them to document their innermost thoughts and revelations. Like most of Moleskine’s offerings, the Classic Notebook features a color-coordinated elastic closure and elegant bookmark ribbon so mom never loses her place in the sea of ivory-colored pages.


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