KBH’s Musical Chair for Sonos

The firm sought to harmonize the seat with the American brand’s new subwoofer.

(Photo: Courtesy Sonos)

For those looking to add extra oomph to their home, the Sonos Sub, a high-performance subwoofer in a sleek encasement, makes for a worthwhile addition. After all, it’s hard to disagree with the brand’s mission to fill rooms with music. To round out the backdrop and complement the Sub, Sonos partnered with Danish designer Søren Rose and his Copenhagen-based design agency, KBH, to create a custom lounge chair. They were unveiled together last November. Reflecting KBH’s Nordic aesthetic, the chair incorporates materials including smoked oak and velvet. “We intentionally created a piece that would contrast with the Sub,” says KBH designer Kim Dolva. “We went against its clean, white minimalism, and instead created something organic and extremely tactile.” This approach, explains Dolva, recalls one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design: wood furniture against white walls. Deep-seated for comfort and modern in shape, the chair is meant to envelop the sitter, like music surrounding a listener.

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