This Willy Wonka–Esque Machine Conjures Crafty Cocktails

At the Dispensary, the newest star of the celestial-themed Alchemist bar in Glasgow, a trio of whisky cocktails come to life with the bush of a button.

If robots really are taking over, then we’ll need a stiff drink. Perhaps one by the Dispensary? The star of The Alchemist, Glasgow’s new celestial-themed bar by Rogue Projects, the Willy Wonka–esque machine offers patrons a trio of whisky cocktails with the push of a button. After slipping a custom-designed brass coin into the apparatus, visitors can gaze in wonder as it crafts a Nearly Naked, Peach Fuzz, or Sour Trip. First, the cocktail is mixed in a series of lab glass and piping, viewable via an infinity space in the back of the cabinet. Then, the drink is poured in the seamless, illuminated Corian and acrylic front portal. Built with Nicholas Alexander, the Dispensary is clad in recycled paper and natural resin, with a circular recycle loop aluminum structural frame. But can it say Slàinte Mhath?

Images courtesy of Rogue Projects.

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