What Drunk Americans Spent $14 Billion on Last Year

A recent study raised a few eyebrows—and elicited some laughs—over the surprising ways Americans spent $14 billion while drunk shopping last year.

Most adults can relate to doing something slightly out of character after a few too many drinks, but what about making major purchases? According to the results from a new Finder survey about impulse buying while sauced (and anyone who’s explored the hilarious #DrunkShopping side of TikTok) the answer is a slurred “yes.” Most respondents admitted to fairly relatable spending—who hasn’t mistakenly overindulged in comfort food, a pricy new party dress, or a pack of Parliaments on a drunken whim?

Then there are more questionable buys that should require more sound logic, like new cars, artworks, and even four-legged friends. Thirty percent of high earners thought augmenting their art collection while impaired was a smart idea, but with an average spend of merely $116, these acquisitions were more likely a result of stumbling through the endless pages of Society6 prints than the high-stakes halls of Frieze or Art Basel.

Left: @SweetieCarolineKelly unboxes a ceramic human heart. Right: @SpliceGirl shows off a Chucky-esque clown figurine.

Consider the ceramic model of a human heart that @SweetieCarolineKelly unboxed for her roommates (and, of course, 52,000 viewers). This vaguely Chucky-esque clown figurine earns an honorable mention for its creepy factor. The best fashion-related buy goes to @IzziPoopi, whose flashy new pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps from Bergdorf Goodman are practically sculptures in their own right, even if she and her friend drunkenly mixed up their bags.

Some respondents even admitted to getting a new pet while intoxicated, spending an average of $80 in the process. (Thankfully, we couldn’t find anyone owning up to this on TikTok.) This funky math might work out if you consider @Andrew_Spanndy’s drunken spending spree at a Disney Store, where he bought a plush Pluto and “girl Stitch” to the delight of 2.3 million viewers. @LipsieTipsie, who recounted the well-intentioned purchase of a dog wig, has our own wig snatched, even if her Boston Terrier looks less than amused.

If these impaired purchases are triggering your anxiety, think of the spenders: “I can’t describe to you the amount of internal panic, mixed with Moet brut rosé, that was going on in my brain at that moment,” @Luxury_Nobody says of swiping her card to finalize an $8,000 Dior haul fueled by extra free-flowing rosé at the boutique. Then again, maybe seeing poor impulse control play out onscreen was the real work of art this whole time.

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