Eny Lee Parker’s Whimsical Furniture Finds Balance

The in-demand lighting designer translates the puffy motifs of her ceramic fixtures to a versatile collection of home furnishings for Lulu and Georgia.

Eny Lee Parker for Lulu and Georgia

“I believe that leading with curiosity takes you places,” Eny Lee Parker says. That mantra has served her well—since captivating the industry with her puffy neotenic lamps, the Queens designer has pushed the boundaries of ceramic lights, wielding kilns like an artist with an unencumbered brush. Now she’s reimagining some of her most recognizable motifs in the form of whimsical yet sophisticated furniture thanks to a new collaboration with California retailer Lulu and Georgia that upholds her underlying philosophy of finding balance in unexpected forces.

Intended to infuse interiors with verve and versatility, the 22-piece collection spans tables, cabinets, seating, drinkware, dinnerware, and vases inspired by how the Silk Road bridged diverse cultures. Clear standouts are the foamy June Bench and Ottomans, which float like cumulus clouds wherever they’re perched. Pair them with the statement Solana sofa, a corner sectional designed to anchor a social lounge while not stealing too much attention from the conversation. That’s always been the power of Parker’s finest work—subtle gestures that leave an impression and forge a sense of harmony no matter the setting.

All images courtesy of Lulu and Georgia.

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