Essentials: September 2016

A selection from our team’s endless list of personal obsessions.
Il Salviatino Hotel, Florence
“If heaven were a hotel, this is what I envision it looking like. Earlier this summer, I visited Il Salviatino for a quick aperitivo and ended up staying for five hours exploring the property. Florence is teeming with natural beauty, but this oasis holds a special place in my heart.” —Laurel Nuzzo, Senior Director, Brand Partnerships

From $864/night,
You Must Change Your Life by Rachel Corbett
“I’m fascinated by turn-of-the-century Europe, when cities had consolidated as economic, intellectual, and creative centers, and artists grappled with the cacophony of stimuli therein. This book chronicles the close relationship between the poet Rainer Maria Rilke and sculptor August Rodin.” —Rachel Small, Associate Editor

Seaboard Rise
“I don’t know how to play piano, but I don’t think this is actually a piano. There are certain instruments that seem intuitive enough that you can sit in front of them and your fingers miraculously make pleasant sounds—this is one of them.” —James Vincent, Studio Manager

Sculptural Vessel by Sandra Davolio
“This Italian-born, Denmark-based artist is a prolific ceramacist. Her coral-like forms remind me of nature, with their impossibly beautiful, mesmerizing shapes. I should know—I fell in love with her work by visiting her gallerist’s home only to damage one after a glass or two of champagne. We’ve since become great friends, and I’ve never stopped admiring her work.” —Michael Fragoso, Integrated Marketing and Communications


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