This One Thing Will Imbue Your Kitchen With a Cool Serenity

Henrybuilt’s Fluted Island is a moody, versatile, stand-alone storage system that marks a new direction for the furniture company.


Scott Hudson, founder of the Seattle furniture company Henrybuilt, named the venture for his grandfather, Henry—a cabinet maker, carpenter, and farmer. When he worked, Hudson once told an interviewer that “there was no break between his head and his hand. He did his thinking with one as well as the other.” Henrybuilt honors his legacy through its exquisitely hand-constructed work, which consists of ingenious organizational systems for the kitchen, bedroom, and W.C. made from noble materials like wood and stainless steel. In an effort to create more standalone objects that can be mixed and matched with other pieces, and to add character to its traditionally pared-down furniture, Henrybuilt recently began exploring a new design direction—and Fluted Island, pictured above in walnut, is the first creation born from it. Named for the fluted columns on either side, the kitchen island rests on a matte powder-coated-steel base. Tug any one of its doorbell-like pulls, made of darkened brass, to reveal a network of smart storage Henrybuilt is known for: The nine drawers, which can be outfitted with various wood dividers to further organize their contents, offer a home for everything from herb jars to pots and pans.


(Photos: Courtesy Henrybuilt) 

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