American Cuisine and Colombian Style Merge at Ideal, and Other News

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Photography by Monica Barreneche

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American Cuisine and Colombian Style Merge at Ideal

Bogotá’s hot new culinary arrival IDEAL brings New American cuisine into a striking space rooted in everyday building materials. Local architects Lorenzo Botero and Martín Mendoza transformed a former three-story house into a gastronomic sanctuary, where brick-lined rooms play host to a feast for the senses. The design is a masterful blend of natural materials such as wood, copper, terracotta, and linen, creating an atmosphere of harmony that Botero likens to a textured symphony. 

The walls, adorned with stacked bricks and plaster made from white paint and river sand, serve as the canvas for shafts of sunlight streaming through generous windows. The outdoor areas are adorned with olive trees, lavender, rosemary, wild grass, and other unusual plants, inspired by the flora found in the restaurant’s location in the historic town of Villa de Leyva. The menu is a modern take on American fare, featuring dishes such as brisket tacos, sweet chilli and orange salsa pork belly, and seafood stew with white fish, mussels, and prawns. The perfect complement: a dried-fruit guava spritz. —Nate Storey

The Robert Olnick Pavilion at Magazzino Fine Art. Photography by Merco Anelli

Magazzino Italian Art prepares to unveil a minimalist concrete pavilion in September. 

Magazzino Italian Art has revealed initial images of the newly completed Robert Olnick Pavilion, designed by architects Alberto Campo Baeza and Miguel Quismondo, in preparation for its opening in September. The pavilion will serve as a second structure for the museum and research center, which focuses on postwar and contemporary Italian art in the United States. With its minimalist scheme, the pavilion offers 13,000 square feet of exhibition space, a multipurpose room, a café, and a gallery dedicated to Italian decorative arts. Campo Baeza and Quismondo describe the pavilion as a white cube infused with light, meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty of the exhibited artwork.

Robert Mangurian, an influential architect, educator, and SCI-Arc director, dies at 82. 

Robert Mangurian, an influential architect and educator, has died at 82. Alongside his partner, Mary-Ann Ray, he co-founded Studio Works and undertook notable projects such as the Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School and the West Adams Preparatory High School. His contributions to architectural education, particularly as a director at SCI-Arc, were highly regarded as he expanded the boundaries of the field and taught unconventional courses.

Frieze New York 2022 t=at The Shed at Hudson Yards. Photography by Casey Kelbaugh, courtesy of Frieze

Frieze expands its U.S. footprint by acquiring the Armory Show and Expo Chicago.

Frieze has announced its acquisition of the Armory Show in New York and Expo Chicago, expanding its presence in the United States. The acquisitions are seen as a strategic move to strengthen Frieze’s dominance in the North American art market. With Frieze already running fairs in New York and Los Angeles, the addition of the Armory Show and Expo Chicago further solidifies their position, raising questions about the future of London as a post-Brexit art hub.

Landscape architecture is now recognized as a STEM discipline in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, based on the advice of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), has recognized landscape architecture degrees as STEM disciplines. This designation acknowledges the field’s scientific nature and its vital role in addressing climate change and environmental challenges. The ASLA expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities the recognition brings to students and professionals, highlighting the discipline’s contributions to climate adaptation, biodiversity, and transformative solutions for municipal infrastructure. The inclusion of landscape architect Kate Orff in Time Magazine’s “100 Influential People” list further demonstrates the profession’s increasing importance.

Marlon Blackwell Architects is chosen to design the Global War on Terrorism Memorial.

Marlon Blackwell Architects has been chosen to design the Global War on Terrorism Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The selection was made by the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation through a rigorous process that narrowed down the initial list of 177 firms to five finalists. Marlon Blackwell Architects stood out for their thoughtful approach and the firm’s connection to the military, with Marlon Blackwell himself hailing from a military family. The memorial, set to be privately funded, aims to create a place that reflects the experiences of those involved in the ongoing conflict and promotes a vision of peace.

“Materialism Barbie” (2023) by Drift. Image courtesy of the artists

Today’s attractive distractions:

Drift is embracing “Barbie Mania” with a sculpture of deconstructed doll parts

…while most Barbie collabs in makeup, skin care, and hair care are falling flat.

Flying dress” vacation shots in must-see destinations are fueling a new boom.

Anchor Brewing, America’s oldest craft brewer, is closing down after 127 years.

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