Informed by Western Style, This Japanese Fashion Brand Transcends Time and Trends

TOMORROWLAND founder Hiroyuki Sasaki shares the vision underpinning 40 years of continuously inventive yet classic designs.

TOMORROWLAND founder Hiroyuki Sasaki.

Four decades of fashion have not altered Hiroyuki Sasaki’s unequivocal perspective on style—which remains both classic yet forward-thinking; multiculturally inspired yet distinctly Japanese. He founded TOMORROWLAND in Japan in 1978, and has since extended his vision to 13 original labels and 166 retail stores, including its first overseas location, which opened in New York in 2015. The company has also partnered with Acne Studios, Dries Van Noten, James Perse, and Isabel Marant, operating their retail stores in Japan. Sasaki, who began his career in a textile exporting company, spins his boundless imagination and penchant for deluxe textiles into a colorful world of men’s and women’s garments that epitomize casual elegance. On the occasion of the company’s 40th anniversary, Sasaki talked to Surface about the principles upon which he’s built his growing fashion realm, and his plans to explore new territories.

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Looks from TOMORROWLAND’S spring 2018 womenswear and menswear collections.

Tell us a little bit about TOMORROWLAND’s history.
I grew up in the Japanese port town of Yokohama, and was fascinated by Western style from a young age. After graduating from university, I started working for a textile exporting company at a time when the “preppy” American look was very popular in Japan. I decided to start my own fashion label, drawing inspiration from classic French and American styles. The goal was not to cater to trends, but to create garments that would serve as classic yet modern additions to people’s wardrobes.

What is the driving force behind your work?
I’ve always been driven by curiosity. As I travel around the globe, I like to explore different cultures and bring that inspiration to my work back home. Over the course of four decades, I’ve forged strong relationships with the world’s leading factories, mills, and suppliers. These relationships are founded on trust and the highest standards of quality, and have allowed us to offer designer clothing made from original textiles at competitive prices. Integrity of the brand and a disregard for trends are at the heart of TOMORROWLAND’s story.

Looks from TOMORROWLAND’S spring 2018 womenswear and menswear collections.
Looks from TOMORROWLAND’S spring 2018 womenswear and menswear collections.

What does good design mean to you?
Good design should be both original and universal. At TOMORROWLAND, we aim to grow with our customers, offering collections that express individuality and character.

What new product lines, projects, or partnerships are you currently working on?
While we continue to refine our original labels, I’ve also been working on a new TOMORROWLAND brand called CABaN, which will launch this year. We always aim to develop, evolve, and improve our offering, while staying true to the creative philosophies that were foundational to the company forty years ago.

Looks from TOMORROWLAND’S spring 2018 womenswear and menswear collections.
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