Watch As KEEP Brooklyn Blows A Multi-Layer Glass Object—From Scratch

Mesmeric, molten material comes to life.

Mesmeric, molten material comes to life.

At first blush, confections and glass seem unrelated.

But on a warm spring day, when Surface editors observed KEEP co-founders Susan Spiranovich and Adam Holtzinger work their magic at Brooklyn’s UrbanGlass, sweet treats came up regularly.

“It’s the layer cake process,” Spiranovich explained nonchalantly.

As we observed a singular object being crafted from start to finish, we, too, realized that the process recalled Unwrapped with Marc Summers more than any other cultural touchpoint. That’s not to say that it isn’t highly tactical, intense, and skill-based work. It is. But being the seasoned glassworkers they are, KEEP managed to make it look as easy as, well, pie.

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Zephyr Bowl, the object we watched being blown, is a relatively new experiment for KEEP. Inspired by the brand’s signature Cane Globe Pendant (CGB), Zephyr piggybacks off CGP’s materiality while extending its reach to more tangible objects. Cane glass, the material integral to both, is what makes their process so similar to candy-making. In its rawest form, cane glass is a visual carbon copy of old-timey candy sticks (just don’t chomp down on a cylinder of the former.)

Watch below as Holtzinger blows Zephyr from scratch—and explains each step—in BEHIND THE DESIGN: Zephyr Bowl.

Zephyr Bowl (Large) by KEEP, $1,450;


(Photos: Courtesy KEEP Brooklyn)

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