Designer of the Day: Maya Reik

The millennial designer behind Marei 1998 on the need to create, her latest collection, and her foray into fabrics.

The millennial designer behind Marei 1998 on the need to create, her latest collection, and her foray into fabrics.

Every day we ask a designer to take a selfie and give us an inside look at their lives.

Age: 19

Occupation: Creative director of Marei 1998

Hometown: Beit Yanai, Israel

Studio location: Jaffa, Israel

Describe what you make: I design sophisticated clothes for the nostalgic yet modern woman.

The most important thing you’ve designed to date: Everything I create feels like its the most important thing at the time. I become totally consumed with the ideas and research for each collection. So I’d say the latest SS18 Marei 1998 collection, which we shot in a private villa in Milan last April, is the most important.

The problem your work solves: My daily work involves problem-solving—from the ideation and design of certain pieces to continually building and operating a team in three continents. Work solves my own problem, which is the endless need to create art. Luckily, I have a talented team working with me in the studio each day to grow with.

What you are working on now: Launching the new Marei 1998 online store, which will open this month and feature exclusive web-only pieces.

A new or forthcoming project we should know about: The presentation of our SS18 collection at a private trunk show during fashion week in Milan this month. I’m also creating a new fabric collection launching October 1. It will be available at Colony in New York and other locations.

What you absolutely have to have in your studio: I like to surround myself with vintage furniture and a certain aesthetic that puts me in that creative sphere. In the studio you can find a small armoire from Germany, art deco mirrors from Milan, and more. There’s also healthy snacks and candles—those are the key to turning days into nights.

What you do when you’re not working: I play sports, read, draw, volunteer with children of refugees, travel with my boyfriend, and spend time with my family and friends.

Sources of creative envy: Natalie Portman, Antônio Carlos Jobim, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

The distraction you want to eliminate: Anxiety would be a good place to start!

Concrete or marble? Marble.

High-rise or townhouse? Townhouse.

Aliens or ghosts? Aliens.

Remember or forget? Remember.

Dark or light? Light.

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