Naviva Four Seasons Sets a New Standard for Going Off the Grid

Biophilic design, glamping-style tents, a directive to move at your own pace, and an adopted pig named Martín—Naviva Four Seasons is a transportive new arrival on the edge of the Punta Mita forest.

The exterior of a Grand Tent at Naviva. (All photos courtesy of Naviva Four Seasons.)


Location: Punta Mita, Mexico

Designer: Luxury Frontiers

On Offer: Vacation destinations are sanctuaries from the daily grind but Naviva, located on Mexico’s paradisiacal Punta Mita peninsula, transcends the ordinary. The essence of the all-inclusive property lies in its biophilic design philosophy, manifesting in an ambitious rejuvenation of 48 acres of lush tropical forest, an impeccable selection of sustainable local materials, and a simple yet high-touch approach to hospitality. Visitors are encouraged to move at their own pace—menus are passe, reservations redundant, and checks an annoyance. From the moment of booking, a personal concierge orchestrates an ensemble of your interests, aspirations, and culinary tastes to craft a personalized itinerary of delectable meals, soul-nourishing wellness activities, rejuvenating spa treatments, and invigorating experiences.

(From left to right) Risco Terrace. The portal-like entry tunnel to Naviva.

Local flora and fauna influences are threaded throughout the architecture and interiors—the fluid grace of a bird’s wing, the ingenuity of a seed, and the tactile symphony of tree bark are thoughtfully integrated into the design, fostering a harmonious fusion with the enveloping jungle. Luxury Frontiers, a pioneer in the unconventional lodging sector, led the concept and construction of Naviva’s tents and communal structures, which were made with sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, local stone, bamboo, and concrete.

The resort’s 15 luxury tents have been meticulously designed to cultivate an intimate atmosphere, each featuring an open-air living room, a sumptuous terrace with sweeping views of the Pacific, a plunge pool, a hammock, and an alfresco shower. The embrace of natural ventilation and the caress of prevailing winds reduce the need for air conditioning (though it is available.) Naviva’s alliance with SOURCE Water enables guests to savor pristine, pollutant-free water, harvested from the air using pioneering hydro-panel technology.

(Clockwise from left) Locally made straw hats and totes for guests. A spa pod. The temazcal ritual space.

Standout details: Twice-daily wellness moments such as Shamanic sound healing journeys, transcendental meditation, and kundalini yoga are offered on the cliffside Risco Terrace, and each stay includes a treatment in a cocoon-like spa pod, shaped to mimic the seed of a native Ceiba tree. Or book a traditional temazcal ceremony in the ‘house of heat’ for a spiritual cleanse.

At the open-air restaurant and lounge, Copal Cocina, chef Sofía Mojica reimagines the menu each night with ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, though almost anything imaginable is available upon request. From private terrace dining to chef-prepared forest dinners or an escapade to an authentic town-side taco stand, a true choose-your-own-adventure spirit prevails. The team will escort you there. There’s also no shortage of local Mexican wines, tequilas, or mezcals on-hand—best enjoyed from a lounger at the sprawling jungle-cloaked pool. Naviva’s hospitable embrace even extends to Martín, a beloved local pig with a leg deformity who is treated like a VIP.

(Clockwise from top left) Chef Sofía Mojica in the kitchen. The Selva pool deck. Private outdoor terrace. A communal seating area and fire pit overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
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