NetJets Welcomes a New Addition to Its Fleet

The Cessna Citation Longitude arrives just in time to transport you to your latest cultural fix.

Photo Courtesy NetJets

In over 50 years of operational excellence, NetJets has remained the leader in the category it created: shared aircraft ownership. With a more diverse, adaptive, luxurious fleet—featuring  the sleekest interior design at 41,000 feet—NetJets is able to give its customers better options for flying private. Collaborations, such as the one with Pritzker Prize–winning architect Norman Foster who designed the groundbreaking Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft in 2010, have earned NetJets a loyal fanbase within the culture world. And, certainly, there are perks. For instance, NetJets offers VIP access to Art Basel, where the company has been a mainstay for 17 years and commissions site-specific installations for its spaces—from Belgian graffiti artist Oli-B’s series of geometric paintings to “Crystal Atmosphere” by Swedish craft artist Frida Fjellman. Find the nearest private runway at a marquee event on the cultural calendar and it’s likely to be filled with NetJets aircraft. With a fresh addition to the fleet hitting the skies—the super-midsize Cessna Citation Longitude—we talked with Patrick Gallagher, NetJets’ president of sales and marketing to see what passengers can expect from the new arrival.

Photo Courtesy NetJets

You’ve just added the Cessna Citation Longitude to your fleet. What’s the decision-making process behind adding a new jet to your already large and diverse stable?

A dedicated team is continually planning the future of aircraft acquisitions at NetJets—experts focused on long-term planning to help us reach a fleet size and composition that best meet the travel needs of our owners. While other private aviation providers are purchasing aircraft off the shelf, we’re partnering with top manufacturers to plan and influence the aircraft of the future. In fact, we are currently in communication with multiple manufacturers about technology that won’t even be available until 2025 or later. This simply proves the depth of our planning process. It is—and always will be—forward thinking and never-ending.

And what are the new technologies your owners can enjoy right now?

The window shades, cabin lighting, cabin temperature, and onboard audio system on board the Citation Latitude can all be controlled via the NetJets Inflight Entertainment app. The Longitude will feature the same cabin-management system, along with Bluetooth for wireless streaming via the cabin audio system. We’ve also begun adding Ka-band high-speed international Wi-Fi to parts of our fleet so our owners can remain connected to everything that is important to them in-flight.

What about the new Cessna Citation Longitude makes it a great addition for NetJets?

It’s already renowned for having the quietest cabin in its class. It also features the lowest cabin altitude while flying farther than any other in the NetJets super-midsize class. Its 15 expansive windows flood the cabin with natural light and are slightly forward of the cabin seats for optimal viewing. With its double-club seating, best-in-class legroom, walk-in baggage compartment that’s accessible in-flight, and more standard features than any other super-midsize aircraft, it promises one of the most enjoyable, restful coast-to-coast flights for up to eight passengers.

And how does NetJets develop new interiors for its planes or refine existing ones?

Over 50 years of operational experience and owner input directly affect every decision made regarding our aircraft interiors. Our 8,000-plus owners include world leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and more, who require exceptional service, safety, security, and comfort. To refine their onboard experience, we regularly survey and interview them and our employees for feedback. From there, we look at ways to enhance the experience on board through color, comfort, texture, and amenities while focusing on the five senses.

Photo Courtesy NetJets

And when it comes to actually executing those concepts?

We review and hand-pick only the highest-quality materials—from the softest leather and fine wood detailing to the handmade carpet—for each aircraft and partner with Textron Aviation, leading suppliers, top designers, and aviation engineers to develop an aesthetically pleasing, serene, and highly functional environment in which our owners can relax or continue their workday. For consistency, all onboard leather is sourced from the same European region. Similarly, we use different cuts from the same Sapele trees used for the veneers inside our full range of aircraft. All veneers and materials are hand-selected and reviewed throughout the aircraft production and delivery process to ensure premium quality and consistency across the fleet.

So what does this mean for NetJets planes, such as the new Cessna Citation Longitude?

This means open, airy configurations; neutral tones; and clean, light-colored leathers with rich, high-gloss veneer surfaces. We choose every inch of leather and carpeting so they have the same softness from one aircraft to the next. We are very, very selective. So when you walk on the aircraft in the morning to go to a meeting, and then a different aircraft comes to pick you up in the afternoon, it always feels like your aircraft.

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