Open Sky Zion Cultivates a Wildland Vision of Solitude

Deep in the backcountry surrounding Zion National Park, Open Sky Zion has created a one-of-a-kind getaway under the stars—and, thanks to The Madison Melle Agency, a captivating digital presence to match.

Just moments away from Zion National Park’s breathtaking rock formations and cliffs, a smattering of safari camps nestled into a red-rock canyon offer guests midcentury-inflected interiors and amenities like clawfoot copper bathtubs, hammocks and telescopes for stargazing, and heated floors to stave off the desert chill. 

Awestruck readers can credit co-founder Bygnal Dutson for bringing the space to life, and Los Angeles creative studio The Madison Melle Agency for translating his awe-inspiring vision into a high-impact digital presence and brand identity. “We’re excited to unveil an equally captivating digital representation of Open Sky Zion‘s ethos, through a narrative that conveys emotions like the warmth you feel beaming in early in the morning, or the blissfully silent contemplation as you stare up at the perfectly clear sky full of stars,” Kate Ginn, the firm’s vice president of communications, tells Surface. Below, we take a closer look with Dutson and Cara Federici, CEO and head of design at The Madison Melle Agency. 

Firms: Bushtec (Architectural Designs), EdgeID (Interior Design).

What was the vision behind the project? CF: To create a brand identity and website that follows the architect’s vision of a stunning place for guests to integrate into nature without sacrificing modern luxuries. A site visit allowed the firm to be inspired by simple lines, warm neutrals, and naturally elegant textures. Finding a balance between down-to-earth elements with such a design-forward and luxe experience was important. Unlike a hotel, or even a regular glamping experience, the property is an off-grid, high-end experience in a little canyon right next to Zion National Park. The many moving parts that go on behind the scenes make for a seamless and thoughtful experience. We’re set to showcase this through a thoughtful brand identity and high-performance website. 

What colors and materials are central to the visual identity? CF: Crisp and clean whites, creams, and natural organic earth tones reminiscent of the Zion landscape, complimented by muted versions of day- and night-sky blue hues

What stands out to you the most now that you’ve finished it?

BD: What really makes Open Sky Zion stand out as it approaches completion is how it marries innovation with the wild around us. It’s all about bringing the breathtaking outdoors into the lap of luxury. Our approach was to blend high-end design with the raw, untamed beauty of the landscape. From the eco-smart materials we chose to the way the horizon stretches unbroken from every viewpoint, everything is crafted to deepen our connection with the natural world. Add to that the farm-to-table magic happening at Black Sage, Open Sky’s restaurant, and adventures that feel both personal and expansive, and what you’ve got is more than just a place to stay. It’s a whole new way of experiencing the blend of luxury, cuisine, architecture, and nature. 

References of inspiration: CF: Each facet of the project amplifies the beauty of the surrounding natural elements rather than detracting from them. During our visit, Dutson took us to the camp’s highest point to showcase perfectly concealed storage spaces and solar panels. Even these less glamorous elements are built in an extremely thoughtful way. Natural clean lines, neutral color tones, innovative architecture, and raw building materials all reflect a commitment to preserve the innate splendor of the property’s surroundings. 

Favorite detail: CF: We showcase an intricate visual story through the compilation of newly designed brand elements and a technology-forward website. A seamless digital experience that truly depicts how incredible the property is requires extensive attention to detail, technical acumen, creative planning, and thought. 

A welcome distraction: CF: During our site visit, we loved seeing the surrounding towns on the drive in. From horseback riding and charming family-owned restaurants to clear night skies, it was such a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The people were welcoming and hospitable, and every person we met was incredibly kind, generous, and passionate about what they do. It definitely inspired us to slow down and be present. 

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